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What Exactly is a Shero?? Let Me Explain!

The true definition of a shero is a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities, a heroine. Originally, a shero could be any woman who was defined by another as a hero and the term first came to fruition during the suffrage movement in 1836. Today we believe a shero can be everyday people who support diversity and have strong character and sense of self. They support, encourage and push every woman to be better and are champions for gender equality. Anyone at any age and from any culture or background can be a shero.

Shero's give others a voice and promote good humanity! In a world where you can be anything, be kind to yourself and to others. Both offline and online. You never know how much that other person might need your kindness. Often, it's more than you think. Sheroes use their voices and compassion in order to approach difficult conversations instead of brushing them under the rug. Use your power to promote good and be a voice for those who don’t have one. You can never have too many supporters. Encourage your people to go after their dreams and support them in their journey in any way you can. Let them know that they are not alone. Let them know that you are there for them.

Shero's stick to their values! Don't let people’s opinions affect yours. A person’s values are what they personally believe is right. Common values recognized are, honesty, respect, kindness, consideration, being on time, growth, freedom, perseverance, open-mindedness, balance, humor, stability, risk-taking. One of the first steps of sticking to your values, is knowing what your values are? For some, it is hard to recognize what their core values are. To know how you can better recognize and define your core values take a moment to reflect and answer these questions for yourself, What values are important to you?

· Who is someone you admire? What do you admire about them?

· What is a meaningful moment in your life? What values were you living at that time?

· Think of a time you were frustrated or mad? What value wasn’t being fulfilled at that time? Sticking to your beliefs and values when the pressure gets high are attributes that make a Shero. Be unapologetically yourself, it's easy to change your decisions when trying to please others. Understand that life is not about possessing material wealth but of trying to make it a more beautiful place!

Finding Balance! How do you find work and life balance? Sheroes know how to work hard, but also know how to rest without apologies. Sheroes prioritize balance so they can be a shero for whoever needs it (even themselves)! Balance is less about how we allocate our time and more about enjoying what we are doing in the here and now. What’s the point of taking a day off if you are worried about what’s going on at work? Your mind must be where your body is. When you enjoy what you are doing, you won't feel guilty or blame others for what you are NOT doing.

Shero's value themselves and others! Stop downplaying your own worth. If you want other people to take you seriously and value you, you must first show them that you value yourself. The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one of all and sets the tone for all. Sheroes prioritize self-care and respect others so they can be the best version of themselves. We all have something unique to offer the world.

Shero's don't fear obstacles! Don’t let any obstacles frighten you when trying to accomplish your goals. Next time you feel afraid, take a deep breath and write your thoughts. You can use these questions to prompt a different way of thinking:

  1. What am I really afraid of? Writing down your fears can make them feel less overwhelming. Problems tend to look a lot smaller on the page.

  2. Who am I fighting for? Sometimes your fear stops you from helping people you care about. Reminding yourself of this can give you the push you need.

  3. What’s the worst that could happen? The worst-case scenario may not be as bad as you think. In many cases, failure doesn’t change much about your current situation, so what do you have to lose?

  4. What if I succeed? Think of how your life would improve if you followed through. Remember why you got into this in the first place.

Shero's are leaders! Shero's embody all the best qualities of leaders including entrepreneurship, persistence, problem solving, determination, smarts, visionary, energy and hustle. Great leaders always manage themselves. To manage yourself you first have to know yourself. Great leaders understand their own motivations and where they have the most room to learn and grow. Rock your skills and don’t be afraid to shine.

Don't doubt yourself! Hey, you've got this. Starting a new venture or questioning the status quo is never an easy task. Everyone feels plagued with self-doubt from time to time. Am I good enough? Do I belong on this team? Is my work acceptable? Am I worthy of this dating partner? Self-doubt is a natural part of new experiences. Creative people especially face self-doubt frequently. When you create something new, the process carries an inherent insecurity. There is no guarantee that this new thing will be good, useful, or acceptable to anyone. It takes courage to try something new, start a business, move to a new place, or attempt to make something original. Its ok to need support to carry us through the doubt so we can keep moving toward our goals and dreams. Shero's trust their gut and jump in headfirst without knowing the outcome.

Adapt to change! The world rarely stands still. Knowing how to cope with the curveball's life throws at you is a crucial skill to have. Personally, and professionally, change can be one of the scariest and also one of the most exciting things we encounter in our lives. Learn how to roll with the punches and never stop adapting.

Shero's are REAL! Forge your own path and be authentic to your style and values. There are too many people living lives that someone else told them to live. Don't be one of them. Live a life that is true to you. Live the life that you're yearning to live. When you do, you'll inspire others to do the same. Sheroes focus on being the best version of themselves and aren’t distracted with other agendas. Never forget who you are and always remember where you've come from.

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